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Flow Sticky Yoga Mat

Inspired by nature, the Flow Mat combines unique style with very good traction, making it suitable for any type of practice. 193cm long!

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The Flow Sticky Yoga Mat is longer than standard mats for those who like more space!

Inspired by the great elements of nature, these beautiful and unique flow patterns add a dynamic look to the Flow Mat.

An excellent non-slip Yoga Mat, the Flow Sticky Yoga Mat allows you to express your individuality with style, without sacrificing quality, comfort and support.

Its textured surface is the same to the one found in professional quality sticky mats, making the Flow Sticky Yoga Mat, not just pretty but also a reliable tool for practicing all types of Yoga.

The Flow Sticky Yoga Mat can be rolled or folded to provide cushion to knees, ankles and elbows during demanding poses. Lightweight, durable and washable, the Flow Sticky Yoga Mat will roll compactly for carrying and storage.

76"L x 24"W x 1/8"D
193 cm x 61 cm x 3.5 mm

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